cucurbita sapiens orchestra

The “Cucurbita Sapiens Orchestra” is a musical and narrative project established within the "Cucurbita Sapiens” exhibition, which shows 150 objects created using the calabash while recalling the relationship between mankind and this originally African fruit. The calabash pumpkin has a rather low nutritional value, but has the peculiarity of becoming hard and woody when dried: it floats, can be used as a container and resonates; as such, it has played an important role in the cultural evolution of mankind as a whole. Is has been used all over the world as a container for liquids (in ancient Greek, “lagenos” actually means “bottle”), and among many peoples it still is an important object of everyday use (to make butter, for milking, as a funnel, spinning top, marionette...) to the point of acquiring a sacred status and playing a prominent role in several shamanic myths and rituals.
Moreover, thanks to its excellent resonant properties, it is a constituent part of many instruments in the musical traditions of the five continents, including the Indian sitar, the Chinese hulusi, the African kora and balafon, the Afro-American guiro and shekerè. Some of these instruments, together with others specifically created for the show, will be used to play original compositions inspired by folk music in a hypothetical journey around the world, while considering the pumpkin’s significance as a cultural universal : hence Cucurbita Sapiens!
The project is a journey that starts from the show and comes to the orchestra, is a work in progress. Born in March of 2016, when Danilo Raimondo and Cristina Bolla founded musicians together Marco Fossati, Riccardo Loprevite, Marco Tosto, Olmo Manzano, the "Cucurbita Sapiens Orchestra".Since then he has been active in several concerts including: Festival Andersen di Sestri levante(GE), Festival della biodiversità al parco nord(MI), teatro della Claque di Genova.